Period: 2022 Project category: Communication strategies

Development of a communication strategy for the State Labor Service


  • To develop a communication strategy and a plan for its implementation for 3 years for the State Labor Service.


  • A situational analysis of the State Labor Service’s communication activities was conducted.
  • The current communication activity of State Labor and its perception by key stakeholders was analyzed.
  • The mission and positioning of the organization is formulated.
  • Developed key messages for each audience.
  • The structure of external and internal communication has been developed.
  • The new visual identity of the State Labor Service was developed and tested in focus groups: logo, font, slogan.
  • Recommendations for the creation of informational materials for the State Labor Service were developed.
  • Recommendations have been developed regarding the visual update of the State Ministry of Labor portal.
  • A 3-year communication strategy implementation plan was developed.


  • The leadership of the State Labor Service adopted the proposed updated positioning, mission, new logo and slogan, as well as a complete set of visual identity elements of the Service.
  • The management of State Labor accepted the proposed communication strategy and the plan for its implementation.
  • Employees of the Service implemented the recommendations regarding the visual update of the portal of the Ministry of Labor.
  • Created and launched the image campaign “Ukraine works” regarding work during martial law as one of the elements of the communication strategy.

Partners and beneficiares:

The project was implemented by Change Communications experts. The project is financed by the EU and implemented by the International Labor Organization.

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