Period: 2021 Project category: Development of identity

Creative concept and communication campaign for veterans reintegration program


  • To develop creative concept and logos for the cyber security training program and reintegration of ATO veterans.
  • To conduct a communication campaign to promote the “Cyber Defenders” program in order to recruit a group of 30 participants.


  • Logo, slogan, guideline and creative concept were developed for the program of advanced training in the field of cyber security and reintegration of ATO veterans.
  • Promo campaign was conducted in social networks based on videos and banners of various formats.
  • About 400 veterans filled out questionnaires and 60 veterans were recruited for training: 59 men and 1 woman (2 groups) according to the results of the promo campaign.

Partners and beneficiaries:

The project was implemented with the support of CRDF GLOBAL.

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