Period: 2021 Project category: Communication campaigns Development of identity

The project to combat student discrimination in higher education institutions “It’s not OK”


  • To stimulate the generation of zero tolerance for discrimination among students, teachers and management of Ukrainian universities.
  • To inform about means of protection against discrimination in universities.


  • Conducting an online study of cases of discrimination in Ukrainian universities.
  • Development of recommendations to students regarding a clear action plan in case of discrimination.
  • Conducting a communication campaign on ways to protect against discrimination.


  1. The problem of discrimination in higher educational institutions in Ukraine has been raised:
    – 1,427 students took part in the survey on discrimination in universities
    – 20 student councils participated in the implementation of the project.
  2. Students were informed about methods of protection against discrimination in higher education institutions
    – 900,000 students across the country are informed.

Partners and beneficiaries:

The project was implemented with the support of UN Women Ukraine.

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