Period: 2022 Project category: Communication campaigns

Communication campaign on physical safety and psychological support of children during war


  • To raise parents’ awareness about physical safety and about reducing the consequences of psychological injury to children during war.


  • Development of professional advice with the help of psychologist Svitlana Roiz and the team of experts of the Educational Ombudsman of Ukraine and placement on the resources of the Educational Ombudsman.
  • Promo campaign on social networks YouTube, Facebook and Instagram using two types of videos and banners of different formats.


  • 2,770,737 women with children aged 4-12 saw the informative message which is 90% of the total target audience.
  • The women covered by the campaign contacted with an advertising message 26 times (the plan was 7).
  • The material “How to support and reassure a child during the war” was read by 85,753 people. The average duration of contact with the material is 3 minutes 21 seconds, that is, it was read to the end.
  • The material “Physical safety of children” was read by 85,999 people. The average duration of contact with the material is 3 minutes 53 seconds, which also allows you to claim that the material was carefully read.

Partners and beneficiaries:

The project was implemented with the support of ISAR “Yednannia” in a consortium with the Ukrainian Independent Center for Political Studies and the Center for Democracy and the Rule of Law.

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