Period: 2022-2023 Project category: Communication campaigns Development of identity

#RightsRule – a chat bot for teenagers that teaches how to defend your civil rights

Development and promotion of a game chatbot for teenagers, which teaches them to understand their civil rights and how exactly they can be defended.

Components and stages of the project:

  • Conducting qualitative sociological research to identify the most significant problems of violation of children’s civil rights.
  • Development of a game chatbot in Telegram, Viber, Messenger and a landing page.
  • Promotional campaign with videos on YouTube, banners in Programmatic and social networks, cooperation with bloggers on TikTok and Instagram.


  • 1.5 millions children aged 9-18 years were covered at frequency 7+.
  • 73 thousand transitions to the site and 25 thousand transitions to the chatbot.

Partners and beneficiaries:

The project was implemented with the support of Pact/USAID Engage in a partnership with State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection and Educational ombudsman service of Ukraine.

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