Period: 2022 Project category: Communication campaigns

Communication campaign “War Communication for Belarusians!”


  • To provide Belarusians with truthful information about what awaits their military in the event of an invasion of Ukraine.
  • To provide specific advice on how to avoid mobilization and how to surrender in case of forced crossing of the Ukrainian border as part of the Belarusian army.
  • Mothers, sisters and wives of soldiers were selected as the main target group of the project, with a focus on rural areas. This audience has the greatest potential for empathy, the greatest need for information, and could primarily respond to the campaign and begin to at least passively oppose the mobilization within the country.


  • Development and filling of the landing page with appropriate content.
  • Promotion campaign of the resource: videos on YouTube, banners on Google, videos and banners on Facebook and Instagram, and videos and banners on Programmatic. The lullaby, popular among several generations of Belarusians, is a basis for the creative idea of the promo campaign.


  • 82% of the target audience was covered, which is 1 million 235 thousand 985 people.
  • Representatives of the target audience made 28 705 clicks on the site.

Partners and beneficiares:

The project was implemented with the support of ISAR “Yednannia” and EU4Civil Society Sustainability in Ukraine. In partnership with AMC, CF.Digital and Postmen.

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